Hey guys, my name is Wayne Summers, owner and head trainer of Ethos Fitness Systems here in beautiful Oviedo, Florida. For well over a decade, I have been blessed to see our family grow from just a few moms and dads wanting something to do while their kids were taking hitting and pitching lessons, to one of the largest and most successful CrossFit affiliates in the U.S. My team and I have been blessed to walk along side thousands of wonderful people pursuing their own unique fitness journey. We have implemented a wide variety of fitness programs over the years. Each designed to help accomplish both specific and general goals that were presented to us along the way. While CrossFit has been our cornerstone program, and a staple within our community, we have always tried to listen to our family and offer different style classes that best fit the needs of those who called our facility home.

As the years have come and gone, we have meticulously recorded data, watched lives changed, and, most importantly, made notes of the smiles and laughs had during each and every training session. We took the time to record all this data so that one day we could produce a program that perfectly merged the benefits of CrossFit, with the safety and inclusion of High Intensity Training or Bootcamp style classes.

Well, the day has come, the research is final, and we couldn't be more excited to announce the launch of ETHOS FITNESS SYSTEMS!

ETHOS Fitness Systems has grown out of the thousands of conversations and experiences we have had during the time spent with each and every client that has called our facility their own. What we have learned during this time is that community, accountability, and a lot of fun, create the foundation for success. We have also found that everyone brings a very real and unique story, that in many cases requires flexibility and understanding on the part of our entire training staff.

No matter your fitness background or experience inside of a gym we have a program that will welcome you; just as you are, and inspire you to finally commit to a program that is proven to change lives. We welcome everyone's story and look forward to being part of the change that quickly begin to fuel your "ETHOS".

For all of our current CrossFitters, as well as those who found us specifically looking to enjoy our incredible CrossFit Program. Please know that we have NO intention of discontinuing any of our CrossFit classes, CrossFit Skill Clinics, or CrossFit Open Gym times. We are simply expanding our reach to help change the lives of those who may not be interested in the methodogies and movements that show up in our traditional CrossFit classes.

- Wayne Summers