Rowing: No, It’s Not Like Canoeing.
There isn’t really a good understanding of my sport in the great US of A.  This is interesting because rowing is one of the traditional American sports.  No, I’m not kidding – the results of the IRA national championship were nationally published on the front page of newspapers.  However, this was also when bicycles had
Paleo Persuasion: Extinction
By: Coach Jason Philyaw The Data: Recently 73 members at Crossfit Country embarked on a journey, back in time…if you will.  6 weeks of Lean meats, poultry, or fish; fruits and vegetables; nuts and seeds; little starch and no sugar. Well, for the majority of the clients that is. Here’s the data we collected from
Prep Work
Prep Work It is the end of your training week. You’re feeling tired and beat up from some tough training sessions, you’re behind on calories, and you need sleep.  Lucky for you, we are giving you a chance to get ahead this weekend, before you attempt the latest Crossfit Games-Open workout on Monday, 3/10. 1)
CrossFit Country’s Throwback Throwdown
REGISTER FOR THE THROWBACK THROWDOWN The event will be on May 3rd. The competition will be held in 4-person teams consisting of two men and two women. The event is open to ALL CROSSFITTERS Everywhere. Standards and WOD Updates, and more info will follow. EVENT SCHEDULE: Athletes and Judges need to be at the facility
Paleo Challenge
The CrossFit Country Paleo Challenge begins Monday, January 13th! Click here for all the details!
Being Open to “The Open”
…as mentioned on “Addicted to Chalk” blog. You may have heard around the gym or seen on Facebook mentions of “The Open.” Unfortunately, this bears little meaning for many of you and thus, you may have simply glossed over the posts or zoned out when the coaches discussed it. But the Open actually means a
The Yin and Yang of Weightlifting
  Written By: Coach Jason Philyaw Mentality: How many lifts have you failed, without even stepping into a rack? You see yourself failing before you even put your hands on the bar. You can’t bare the thought of missing the lift: “…not another miss, please; for goodness sake!” You step up to attempt the lift,
Hydration – Drink Up!
Over the past month and a half, many of us have been participating in the Paleo Challenge. This has been an awesome experience and has forced many of us to think about what we put into our bodies and how we fuel the machine that allows us to come into the gym each day and