“I think the clock is broken” Tabata: 20s on 10s off x 8/movt Pull ups Slam balls (15/20) Push ups Kettlebell swings (35/53) V ups
“Bride of Dracula” 6 RFT 3 Rope Climbs 5 HSPU 7 Deadlifts (135/185) 9 Slam Balls (15/20) Thursday 10/30 “Drop It Low” 5 Front Squats 250 m Row 10 Front Squats 500 m Row 15 Front Squats 750 m Row 20 Front Squats 1000 m Row
“Minion Mayhem” Teams of 4 2 Teammates work at station, 2 Teammates complete Bear Crawl Shuttles Every minute on the minute switch Team may rotate stations when both sets of teammates have done the work Complete 3 total rotations through the stations *This is a 24 min workout coaches Station 1: Burpee Partner Hops Station
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