“I think the clock is broken” Tabata: 20s on 10s off x 8/movt Pull ups Slam balls (15/20) Push ups Kettlebell swings (35/53) V ups
“Bride of Dracula” 6 RFT 3 Rope Climbs 5 HSPU 7 Deadlifts (135/185) 9 Slam Balls (15/20) Thursday 10/30 “Drop It Low” 5 Front Squats 250 m Row 10 Front Squats 500 m Row 15 Front Squats 750 m Row 20 Front Squats 1000 m Row
“Minion Mayhem” Teams of 4 2 Teammates work at station, 2 Teammates complete Bear Crawl Shuttles Every minute on the minute switch Team may rotate stations when both sets of teammates have done the work Complete 3 total rotations through the stations *This is a 24 min workout coaches Station 1: Burpee Partner Hops Station
“You go… I’ll go to Dunkin Donuts” Partner WOD YGIG 140 DUs 120 Air Squats 100 Sit ups 80 KB swings 60 Rack rows
“Rut Roh” 5RFT 10 hang power snatch 12 Toes to bar Row 400m
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