Collierville, TN


Brennan moved to Orlando in July of 2013 from Memphis, TN. She has an extensive background in soccer making the roster for the Tennessee Olympic Developmental Program as a goalkeeper several years. She has done undergraduate studies in Exercise and Sports Science and received her degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Memphis. Upon graduation, she was a coaching intern for the Lady Redwolves soccer program at Arkansas State University. She has also coached soccer at the competitive youth level.


I grew up playing sports and was set to play soccer at the collegiate level, until I tore my ACL. After 3 surgeries and plenty of therapy, I was able to get back into exercise and sports. At that time, I was attending your normal health and fitness gym, but I was bored and not seeing the results that I would have liked. I remembered some friends talking about CrossFit and was very skeptical because I had heard about all kinds of CrossFit injuries. When I moved to Orlando in July, I was told about the free trial week at Country and decided to try it out with some friends. The people I met at orientation were so nice that I decided to sign up for the 3 month special, but still wasn’t bought in to CrossFit. I began attending regularly and was unable to do most of the movements; however, I quickly learned that Crossfit is infinitely scalable! I fell in love with CrossFit because of the community, challenge, competition and camaraderie. Not only did I get in a good workout, but I also began to build friendships with the people at te gym. I instantly wanted to become a coach. I love coaching CrossFit because I get to help people accomplish things that they never thought they could, and we get to have fun while we do it!