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I have been involved in sports my entire life. Playing 3 sports in high school: baseball, football and soccer. After high school, I continued my athletic career playing baseball at the collegiate level for 2 years. My passion for fitness began as soon as I started to realize that sports performance was greatly influenced by it. Since then, I have been interested in different ways to improve my fitness. Now that my collegiate career is over, I have shifted my focus to helping others get the most out of their lives through fitness. I am currently pursing my Bachelors degree in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida. With this, I plan to gain knowledge in all aspects of nutrition and fitness to start my coaching career.  Away from the gym, I enjoy going to the beach, windsurfing, attending sporting events, such as the UCF football games and watching my favorite baseball team, the Atlanta Braves!


Crossfit to me means that you are about to get the workout of your life! It means that no matter what level of fitness you are at or what background you have, you can always find that you are going to have to push yourself. Not only will you be pushing yourself, but everyone else around you will be too, so it creates a positive environment of everyone working hard and a community around you to help you achieve your goals. Benefits one can get from Crossfit include a sort of mental toughness by finishing those last fews reps in a WOD or getting confidence by completing a movement that you never imagined that you would be able to do. These benefits carry right over into life, improving the way we live day to day. As I mentioned before, I am interested in ways to improve fitness, which includes athleticism, coordination, balance and overall general wellness and to me nothing is better for doing that than CrossFit!


About Us


CrossFit Country is a CrossFit Orlando gym located in Oviedo / East Orlando, and is the closest CrossFit gym to the University of Central Florida. CrossFit Country is a state-of-the-art fitness facility constructed to maximize the training experience for athletes and individual of all ages. With almost 20,000 square feet of workout space, this is the largest CrossFit facility in Central Florida, and one of the largest in the United States.

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Conveniently located near UCF.

Phone:    407-375-0038
Email:     info@crossfitcountry.com
Address: 571 South Econ Circle, Ovideo, FL 32765