Increase Your Endurance


CrossFit Country Endurance Program. Here at Country, we do not limit our fitness to what can take place within the four walls of our gym. We know that many of our members either come from a background in or dream of achieving goals in the world of endurance sports. Whether you are hoping to run your first 5K, your fifth half marathon, to PR on your marathon, or complete a triathlon, the CrossFit Country Endurance Program can help you to accomplish those goals. You can combine endurance training and CrossFit and we can show you how.

Our Certified CrossFit Endurance Coach, Katie Mercadante, leads our Endurance Team.  Her focus is on improving running form and technique, programming for the practice of that improved form and technique, and the development of endurance through sprint, interval, and time trial work. She also works with tri-athletes on their biking and swim technique and training and has enjoyed the opportunity to work with several collegiate crew team members on their rowing and endurance development during the off season. The CFC Endurance programming can be tailored to meet your specific needs or to prepare you for a particular event.

During the Spring and Fall, our Team has the opportunity to train together with group workouts, as we prepare of big seasonal races.

Please contact katie@crossfitcountry.com for more information about our endurance program! Or you can fill out the form below.

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