The Yin and Yang of Weightlifting



Written By: Coach Jason Philyaw

How many lifts have you failed, without even stepping into a rack? You see yourself failing before you even put your hands on the bar. You can’t bare the thought of missing the lift:

“…not another miss, please; for goodness sake!”

You step up to attempt the lift, and fail the attempt; yet for some reason you are surprised you missed. How can this be? All your thoughts were focused on negative outcomes!

If we can focus on a positive outcome, rather than failing, you would see much more success in lifting…in everything.

Try This:

  • Stay calm before the lift. You need to be in that Alpha State, completely free of any other thoughts. Focused
  • Visualize yourself completing the lift. See the sections in your head. See the bar ending in perfect position.
  • Shut off your Brain. Stick to feeling. Once you’ve gotten the right mind set, move fast and be aggressive. Trust your training.

Our thoughts can rule us!

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