WOD – Thursday, July 3

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Partner WOD 
Part 1, 5 Rounds of:
One partner rows 250 m while other partner completes:
Center plank, hollow hold, left planks, superman hold, right plank

Part 2, 5 Rounds of:
Prowler push YGIG with partner


About Us


Located in Oviedo, just minutes away from the University of Central Florida, CrossFit Country is a state-of-the-art fitness facility constructed to maximize the training experience for athletes and individual of all ages. With almost 20,000 square feet of workout space, this is the largest facility in Central Florida, if not the largest in the United States.

Contact Info


Conveniently located near UCF.

Phone:    407-375-0038
Email:     info@crossfitcountry.com
Address: 571 South Econ Circle, Ovideo, FL 32765